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Notable events and people for April 2019

Sean Becker from Sparkplug Power moderates the panel at the Batteries and Brews Event

If you have not signed up for Joyce McMahon’s “Northeast Energy News” I highly recommend it. Her weekly newsletter provides a comprehensive update on the latest regional news relating to the energy industry.

Sean Becker was the host at the recent Batteries & Brews event at Greentown Labs. Although the acoustics at the event were challenging, there were free drinks including several local brews that helped fuel the lively networking. During the event we were able to catch up with Natasha George from the start-up Somerville Electric Vehicles (SomEV). SomEV eliminates the need for EV charging stations by replacing them with a network of Battery Swap Kiosks where batteries are charged, stored and being monitored. Check out their website for additional information.

Brad Bradshaw from the Institute of Innovation and Sustainability was promoting the New Energy Solutions Storage conference at the Boston Newton Marriott on June 27th. I have attended this event before so sign up early as I expect the registrations will fill quickly! Registration for the event should open soon at It was also great to catch up with Haskell Werlin from Solar Design Associates, Jed Bailey from Energy Narrative and Mike Berlinski from Customized Energy Solutions.

In other news former Autogrid Director of Sales Chris Long, and guest on EnergyMatters 2U, is now the Senior Sales Manager at MHI Vestas Offshore Wind.

Ilene Mason and the team at Rethinking Power Management have been expanding and recently moved into their new digs in South Boston.

Gregg Dixon and the team at Voltus have been growing exponentially to become one of the leading DR providers in a few short years.

Bob Mancini and the team at Ecosystems are experiencing significant growth in the design build ESCO market.

Mike Pace and Bruce Shaffer of Horizon Solutions, the region’s leading distributor for Charge Point, have been at the forefront of assisting utilities in the region installing EV charging stations and working with both Eversource and National Grid to achieve their installation goals!

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